Meanwhile, still at the hacienda…

I’ve had problems with my laptop this week. After a support call to a local IT guy (yup – that’d be Ray), the conclusion, unfortunately, was a full hard drive reboot and a lot of software downloads, leaving me behind on some planned posts. Bear with me.

Can you stand another set of sunset pictures? These are from a series taken one night last week. Enjoy!


There’s two empty chairs here – Russ? Carol? 🙂


The tiki bar has stools for six!


Here’s Ray waiting to get his sunset shot, and this is where I was sitting to take most of the other pics.


Under the palapa, looking west


Under the palapa, looking up



View from the tiki bar – that’s the dock for Cerros Beach Resort

“JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE” – how often have we said that, but now it’s real. So glad we took the leap!


One thought on “Meanwhile, still at the hacienda…

  1. Karen C says:

    Absolutely Beautiful … even tho I am just looking at pics! Have you seen Paul’s snowy pics? Not as Tropical and I just wonder the temp difference!! LOL


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