It’s just like walking on Fay Boulevard…

Well, maybe not exactly like it.

Before all this Belize craziness began, I was regularly walking between 2-5 miles a day along Fay Boulevard to US 1. In the chaos that ensued as we prepped for our trip here, that routine went out of the window (not that I didn’t get some exercise packing and moving those boxes).

045So one day last week, I went for my first daily walk in Belize. For the time being, I’m only going two miles – just to make sure that I’ve acclimated to the heat, and that it seems safe enough to do alone.

On the first go, I was all heightened awareness. Like, “watch all the sticks in the road to make sure none of them are moving” hyper-aware.

I suppose that I should stay that way – and I am conceding that point by not wearing my earbuds to listen to music, which I generally like to do when walking – but after a few trips, I’m feeling relatively secure about making a new routine here.

It was purple, so I had to take a picture.

It was purple, so I had to take a picture.

For one thing, I’m going either in the early morning or the early afternoon, so it’s light out and the nocturnals have slunk off to wherever they slink off to when the sun’s shining. And this road actually stays surprisingly busy – either vehicle or bike traffic, typically Belizeans going to work on a construction site in the area or a gringo neighbor on the way out of the area.

Assuming this is a termite nest (not going to try to figure that out for sure)

Assuming this is a termite nest (not going to try to figure that out for sure)

Lastly, the only wildlife I’ve encountered so far (which, okay, doesn’t mean something else hasn’t been out there) have been chacalacas (which I hear more than see); some unidentified birds that sound like the weapons firing in a Space Invader game (I can see them and must be interrupting their nesting – this happens at the same spot every day); a small flock of parrots that occasionally wings over me; and lots of flies, bees, and butterflies.

So I think I’ll keep up the daily walks, and I’ll take my camera and share some more pics if I see something interesting along the way.


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