Our humble abode

Guest House front side viewfront porchWe are staying in the yellow house, set back slightly from the water (the blue house, not yet complete, is closer to the dock). Les and Michelle showed us the pictures of what the building looked like when they arrived – it was an all-gray cement block boat house with a dirt floor. They made it into a very simple but perfectly functional little house that we’re lucky enough to get to call home for a while.

The main entry is through a screen-enclosed front porch facing the water, with a gas grill, bar and barstools, and a small sturdy couch, chair and table.

Ray’s not a fan of this rug on the porch, since he went out one morning before dawn and thought the “ants” on it were real. 🙂

A screen door lets into the main house, with an open concept living roomkitchenliving room, dining table, and kitchen / bar area. You can’t see them in these pics because the ceilings are high but there are two fans over this area. It’s been breezy enough not to need them, but I bet they’re welcome when it’s not.

tech centerThe bedroom and bathroom are separated by a partial wall behind the kitchen. Another ceiling fan there, which we’ve been using at night.

hallway view

Hall view from the bedroom back toward the front porch

Surprisingly, sleeping is very comfortable – we figured it would stay unpleasantly warm into the evening, but as soon as the sun goes down, it starts to cool off. Also no real issue with mosquitos, at least so far (though it’s dry season). We do have a resident gecko that runs around the bedroom ceiling but he seems pretty sure-footed and hasn’t disturbed us yet.bedroom 2

bedroom 1Bed and bath are basic, with plenty of drawer space in the various dressers and a big wooden wardrobe.

Guest House Bath

There are three doors in the bedroom. One is the entry to the bathroom, one is a second entrance (the original entry before the porch was added) and the last opens into the storage area.storage area

That part of the house looks like what the original building must have looked like, and is home to the laundry (small wash machine and clothesline), the solar power batteries and inverters (the solar panels are on the roof), and extra shelving for miscellaneous goods.

And there’s the nickel tour.


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