Sorting, selling, packing, stacking…

This is what we have been doing since our return back to Florida! Our sweet little house in Port St. John now has, shall we say, “minimal accommodations.” We’ve been working well as a team and also pacing ourselves, but there is still a lot to do in the week ahead.

boxesThis phase is pretty familiar to us, though. Just ask friends and family who have used up extra pages in their address books crossing out our latest address and adding in a new one. I was trying to think of how many homes Ray and I  have had together over the years and my count went to an even dozen – from our first tiny apartment on Milwaukee’s East Side before we married, to our honeymoon household in Key West Navy housing; then a few months in a funky Ocean City (San Diego) apartment before Navy housing again in Guam, where our daughter was born. Back to the States and an unlikely duty station in Stockton, CA – where we lived first in an apartment, then a little American dream house. A brief stay with the in-laws in North Florida as we transitioned to civilian life, and a very few months’ stay in St. Louis ahead of a more permanent move to East Tulsa, OK, where our son was born; then the move to the place our kids think of most often as “home”, our little McMansion with the big lot in Owasso, OK. Finally, back to Florida and a beach townhouse in Cape Canaveral, before we moved here three years ago.

What’s different this time is that we don’t necessarily know when – or for that matter, where – we’ll next see our belongings. We’re not stressing about that, but it is a strange feeling.

Some good-byes have already begun, and there will be more. That part is bittersweet, but we are also really looking forward to returning to what we are going to call (at least for our duration there)…yeah, because I had to: “Casa Chacalaca.”

One more week! 🙂


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