Fried brains and roast pig

Les and Michelle have done a lot in their short time in Belize – an almost amazing “a lot” – and we had essentially two days with them on this trip to absorb as much of their knowledge and experience as possible (of course, we’ll have two more days with them at month-end, and we’ll stay in touch, too; even so, best to use the time to advantage while we can).

That meant lots of discussion and lots of Q&A. We talked about phone/Internet/TV setups; the best places in Corozal to find x (and unlike the States, it’s rare to be able to get everything you might want in a single place, so there’s many “best places to find x”); banking and mail forwarding and good people to know, and funny stories about things that can happen here. We talked about how to do a border crossing to Chetumal, a large city in Mexico about ten miles north of Corozal, for its “promised land” of Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, McDonald’s, Burger King, and other signs of civilization. Oh yeah, and we talked about ourselves too, and about them and their families, the usual getting-to-know-you conversation.

Sea cottage from dockWe also walked around both buildings for a more in-depth review of the solar panel set-ups, the cistern system, the septic system, and the satellite connections. We walked through both buildings to review the interior plumbing and wiring, how to use the wash machine (not your normal process), and generally where stuff is located. Hector escorted us around the property line for a look at the garden, including some new fruit trees that Tea bought when she was here. We inspected the sea wall and we heard a lot of Les’s original plans for the property.

Between all that and just the actual concept that we are MOVING TO BELIZE, our brains were close to short-circuiting. It was time for a break, and what better way than to go help Enrique celebrate his birthday with a pig roast?! Steve and Cindy showed up from Consejo Shores (a substantial ex-pat commuEnrique's Bday pig roast viewnity just north of Corozal) and we piled into two cars for the short ride over to Donna & Enrique’s bar/restaurant.

Now we’re talking – a nice sea breeze, more new people to meet, a few Bellikin beers (which you’d better like drinking, because it’s the only beer readily available in Belize; fortunately, it’s pretty good) – and the smell of food wafting over from the pit.

Again, we felt very much as if we were on Guam – the village fiesta experience of sharing food, not to mention a roast pig. Yum.

Enrique's Bday pig roast 3Our original plan had been to enjoy the feast, then head back into Corozal to set up a few things in advance of our move. But we weren’t ready for anything more, so instead we headed back to our home base at the resort and some chill time.

Later we joined Les and Michelle to wait for sunset from the porch of the sea house – one of their rituals that we’ll probably continue, because I can imagine that every day it’s something beautiful and different. In fact, the way their property is situated, you can take in both sunrise and sunset (assuming you’re awake early enough for sunrise – I guess Ray will have to tell me how beautiful that is; though you never know, I may just be up early so I won’t miss a minute). 🙂

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