Life on the peninsula

Both houses There are two buildings on the property. The yellow guest house began as a sand-floor boathouse, rebuilt by Les and Michelle into a snug, comfortable residence. The blue sea house is new construction, nearly finished, which will eventually become Tea’s retirement home.

Besides care-taking the property (with help from Hector, a Belizean jack of all trades who knows it well), our other major house-sitting duty will be to oversee the remainder contracted work on the sea house and/or to help with whatever new renovation projects that Tea will direct.

Both properties operate “off the grid” – ie, solar power (with a backup generator) and a cistern water collection system – which will be an adjustment, both in learning to use and maintain them properly, and to be vigilant so that we don’t run out of either electricity or water. It’s a remote location, but we’ll have internet, phonCerros Mayae, and TV connectivity and all the basic comforts of home. Not to mention the best views you can possibly imagine, right out every window: Spectacular sunrises and sunsets on Corozal Bay, with the outline of the crumbling Cerros Maya ruins nearby, and the town of Corozal lit each night like a strand of diamonds across the way.

Les and Michelle gave us the quick tour and then we headed over to Cerros Beach Resort to check in for our two-night stay. We met owners Bill and Jenny, who showed us to our beach-side cabana so we could settle in.

Cerros Beach Resort cabanasWhat a great little hide-away! Our room was clean, simple, and rustic, with a great arched ceiling of bamboo and thatch that made the whole place feel expansive (we took a picture while lying on the bed, but it doesn’t do it justice). There’s no AC, but a steady breeze streams through the screened and shuttered windows. No TV either, but who needs it, with great views out to the bay and the manicured lawn (though if you must have your technology fix, the resort’s bar/restaurant close by has both TV and internet). The bed can be canopied with mosquito netting, but we didn’t need it and slept well. Bill and Jenny are a wealth of knowledge about life in Belize and were a lot of fun to talk to over meals (and the food was good too!). Visit if you want more information.


2 thoughts on “Life on the peninsula

  1. Nancy Rehwoldt says:

    Hi Jackie,
    What a great adventure you have I’m store. Your description sounds so inviting, we would love to come for a visit! 🙂


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