How in the hell did THIS happen?

Sometimes you tell the universe what you want, and sometimes it delivers. We’re going to Belize!

The first time I remember even realizing there WAS a Belize was in the mid ’90s when The Williams Companies, where Ray and I both worked, was a major sponsor of the fifth edition of the Jason Project: (

I’m not sure when exactly it came back around on our radar, but I do know that we’ve been – at first, jokingly, and then more and more seriously – talking about it for at least the last two years. And then this great opportunity to “try out” the country just seemed to land in our laps.

Now we have about a month (less four days for a quick flight in to meet our new landlords and get a tour of the property) to pack, sell, and store our belongings, and to take care of any other pending business before we head out. Many, many decisions to make and not that much time.

Is it exciting? Yes! Is it scary? Hell, yes! But when the universe delivers, shouldn’t the correct answer always be Yes? Come along for the adventure and we’ll see…

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2 thoughts on “How in the hell did THIS happen?

  1. Reneé says:

    And we all get to live vicariously through you guys! And you should never say NO to the universe 🙂 xoxoxo


  2. Christine says:

    Ok, I think I finally found your very first post for the blog. Looking forward to reading it all and also living vicariously through you guys! 🙂


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